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  • Question: Well, I was out looking for that dratted Popcorn, but I realized that he must have crossed the river, and you know rivers aren't so good for me. I rust pretty easily. So I stopped looking for him and I was getting pretty hungry, and I went to the grocery to get some oranges. But when I got there I passed the cupcake aisle and Popcorn's bestie Needle was there ogling over the cupcakes. Also, who names their kid Needle? OR POPCORN? Seriously. <3 Zizza - asmallmadhope
  • Answer:

    I know! Who would do that? Still no sign of that Popcorn… I hope he isn’t hanging out with Doubleman, that would be tragic. 

    If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

    All the best-


Photo Set


So… I saw this and thought it might just be a fun and silly thing to do and now I am very very excited to find Penny and despise Popcorn (:

So, Zizza, do you know why no one tells jokes about Popcorn? He is just too corny.  

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  • Question: PENNY!! This is Zizza... I've been looking for you everywhere! - asmallmadhope
  • Answer:

    Zizza! How have you been?  I’ve been wondering what you have been up to. Tell me a story!


Penny- Just looking for my friend. 

I don’t do this much, but I figured if I wanted to figure out where Zizza is, I’d have to start somewhere.  I miss you, Zizza. If anyone out there knows where Zizza is, please tell her I missing eating Asparagus with her.  If she’s run into trouble, I can help any way I can (unless it’s with that hideous Doubleman, I don’t know what anyone sees in him.)