I interrupt my frequent unhappy rants about my low self esteem, panic-inducing lifestyle and all the ways fandom craps on itself to bring you ducklings in dresses made of cupcake papers. Ok. You need this. Shut up and accept that you need this.

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Why Chemistry Matters - Say Hey, Doctor K! - Episode 8

We need more people to engage in and be excited about chemistry! Or at least science in their lives and communities!


Why Chemistry Matters - Say Hey, Doctor K! - Episode 8

We aren’t all going to use chemistry professionally, but we will use the scientific literacy and other skills gained from taking chemistry classes. So stick with it. I really like the message in this month’s Say Hey, Doctor K. — Brady “In which Doctor K tells a secret about her history with chemistry, acknowledges that chemistry is hard, and explains why you should stick with it anyway. Art…”


"'We Have Always Fought': Challenging the 'Women, Cattle and Slaves' Narrative" by Kameron...

I just read this blog post which today won the Hugo award for “Best Related Work”. In addition to the great points that Kameron Hurley makes about representation in Science Fiction and Fantasy, I think the topic cross applies to a lot of what I see going on at the moment in the Mormon world as well.

It is especially relevant to the questions before us about the roles of women and the roles of LGBT individuals within (and without) the Mormon sphere. What stories do you hear from others, and how does that impact your belief about them? What if the stories you are hearing don’t have much to do with the actual reality of the situation?

I highly recommend reading the post, and thinking about how the stories you hear influence what you do and do not see.
— Brady “I’m going to tell you a story about llamas. It will be like every other story you’ve ever heard about llamas: how they are covered in fine scales; how they eat their young if not raised properly; and how, at the end of their lives, they hurl themselves – lemming-like- over cliffs to drown in… Read…”


Unifiller - Automated Cake Icing Equipment

I am unwilling to comment on exactly how many of these videos from this manufacturer I have watched, but it is non-zero.
— Brady “Automated Cake Icing Equipment - Unifiller automated bakery equipment for high speed, high production of round cakes, sheet cakes and cupcakes. For more info…”


Guess Who's Been Waiting In The Lobby For A Hundred Million Years?

Paging Tristan and Brittany. — Brady “The M-Thing. It’s patient. It’s modest. It’s relentless. It stays.”


Affirmation details 3-day conference in Salt Lake City

I’ll be attending the Affirmation - LGBT Mormons, Families, and Friends Conference: “This is the Place” in September. Anyone interested in joining me for all or part of it? — Brady “Affirmation is a group describing itself as apolitical and a place to provide support and education for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and as Mormon, both practicing and no”




Ballena verde del verano.

Cofre del agua,

plácida reina de la frutería,

bodega de la profundidad.

Oda a la sandía
El árbol del verano 
es todo cielo azul,
sol amarillo,
cansancio a goterones,
es una espada
sobre los caminos,
un zapato quemado
en las ciudades:
la claridad, el mundo
nos agobian,
nos pegan en los ojos
con polvareda,
con súbitos golpes de oro,
nos acosan
los pies
con espinitas, 

con piedras calurosas,
y la boca
más que todos los dedos:
tienen sed
la garganta,
la dentadura,
los labios y la lengua:
beber las cataratas,
la noche azul,
el polo,
y entonces
cruza el cielo 

el más fresco de todos 
los planetas, 
la redonda, suprema 
y celestial sandía. 
Es la fruta del árbol de la sed. 
Es la ballena verde del verano.
El universo seco
de pronto
por este firmamento de frescura
deja caer
la fruta
se abren sus hemisferios
mostrando una bandera
verde, blanca, escarlata
que se disuelve 

en cascada, en azúcar,
¡en delicia!
¡Cofre de agua, plácida
de la frutería,
de la profundidad, luna
¡Oh pura, 
en tu abundancia 
se deshacen rubíes 
y uno 
en ti 
la cara, 
el pelo, 
el alma! 
Te divisamos 
en la sed 
mina o montaña 
de espléndido alimento, 
pero te conviertes 
entre la dentadura y el deseo 
en sólo 
fresca luz 
que se deslíe, 
en manantial 
que nos tocó 
Y así 
no pesas, 
y tu gran corazón de brasa fría 
se convirtió en el agua 
de una gota.
(Pablo Neruda,  de Las Odas Elementales, 1954)
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remake dollhouse with tatiana maslany tbh

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Owen doesn't like his hat

Uploaded Via Adobe Premiere Elements — Brady “”